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Richard Dickson, Fenwick & West chairman

Fenwick Chair on Firm's New York Expansion

David Ruiz | May 25, 2016

Richard Dickson explains why Fenwick's brand works in New York—and why it waited so long to make its play.



  • Safeguarding Client Funds From Hackers

    By Alanna Clair and Shari Klevens

    What happens when a cybersecurity event implicates a firm’s trust account? Are lawyers liable when a computer hacker steals client funds that the lawyers were safeguarding?

  • Protecting Law Firm Devices

    By Randy Evans and Shari Klevens

    In the modern practice of law, arguably nothing is more important to an attorney than her laptop. With the rise of electronic document management systems, the laptop can act as the equivalent of an entire office building of documents and allow the attorney to work from virtually anywhere.

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