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Julie Q. Brush, Solutus Legal Search .

Are Lawyers With Foreign Law Degrees at a Disadvantage in the U.S. Market?

By Julie Brush |

U.S. trained lawyers still dominate the legal landscape and competition is fierce. But the environment is now a bit kinder for diverse profiles.

Julie Q. Brush, Solutus Legal Search .

How Do I Raise Work-Life Balance Without Coming Off as a Slacker?

By Julie Brush |

When interviewing for a job, the topic of work-life balance is not one that is easy to raise. And if done poorly, it can sabotage a candidacy as well as a reputation.

Julie Q. Brush, Solutus Legal Search .

When to Ask More from a Potential Employer-and When Not

The road to the offer stage in an interview process is usually a long and winding one with a few bumps along the way.

Left to right: Randy Evans and Shari Klevens, Dentons partners

Avoiding Common Law Firm Cybersecurity Pitfalls

By Randy Evans and Shari Klevens |

Cybersecurity often causes trepidation among attorneys simply because attorneys lack understanding of the nature of online risks and how to protect themselves.

Laura Brill, Kendall Brill & Kelly

Three Questions New Lawyers Should (But Don't) Ask in Job Interviews

By Laura W. Brill |

Law firm recruits should insist on knowing whether there will be room in their lives for something besides their job.