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How Do I Raise Work-Life Balance Without Coming Off as a Slacker?

Julie Brush | January 10, 2017

When interviewing for a job, the topic of work-life balance is not one that is easy to raise. And if done poorly, it can sabotage a candidacy as well as a reputation.

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  • How Long to Stay in an In-House Job Depends on Your Career Goals

    By By Julie Q. Brush

    The most appropriate length of time to stay in a role or in an organization company can be the same or different depending on how your role evolves over time. Also, the definition of "ideal length of time" is relative.

  • How to Address Attorney Misconduct

    By Randy Evans and Shari Klevens

    Given the demands and stresses of practicing law, substance abuse and depression are unfortunately an all-too-common occurrence among attorneys. When an attorney is impaired by disease or personal matters, it can be very uncomfortable for other attorneys at a law practice to decide how to handle the situation, especially when there is serious misconduct such as theft or other dishonest actions.

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