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How Do I Raise Work-Life Balance Without Coming Off as a Slacker?

Julie Brush | January 10, 2017

When interviewing for a job, the topic of work-life balance is not one that is easy to raise. And if done poorly, it can sabotage a candidacy as well as a reputation.

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Your Career

  • Quick Departure Isn't Ideal, But It's Also Not a Career Death Sentence

    By Julie Q. Brush

    Newly minted law firm associates are a bit like babes in the wood as they enter the big, vast world of all that is legal. So an associate's first job is instrumental in shaping his work product, legal approach, attitude, professional relationships and overall experience in the profession. For some, this experience is positive: intellectually stimulating, fun and filled with great colleagues and high quality mentors. For others, it's simply miserable. The misery can creep in slowly or hit a professional like a ton of bricks, but either way, it's not a healthy or sustainable situation.

  • No Reason to Wait on Job Search

    By Julie Q. Brush

    There's no need to panic. In fact, that is just about the worst thing you could do right now. Instead, stay calm and focus on your next move. While you might be feeling anxious knowing that your job is being eliminated, there are a few silver linings in your situation.

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  • Modernizing a Law Firm

    By Randy Evans and Shari Klevens

    Upgrades in technology have undoubtedly changed the practice of law. Here are a few considerations that can help identify how law firms can use modern trends to reduce risk.

  • When It Comes to Legal Malpractice, Knowledge is Comfort

    By Randy Evans and Shari Klevans

    Most attorneys will face more than one malpractice claim over the course of their careers. Here's a checklist to understand when there's a real threat.

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