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Judge William Alsup, United States District Court for the Northern District of California speaks at a remembering Supreme Court Justice William Douglas event

MoFo Lawyers May Take Stand At Waymo-Uber Trial

By Ben Hancock |

A federal judge said Wednesday he might make the firm's attorneys explain to the jury why they withheld files from an ex-Waymo engineer.

Facebook, 1 Hacker Way

IP Veteran Allen Lo Moves From Google to Facebook

By Jennifer Williams-Alvarez |

Lo replaces Sam O'Rourke, who left Facebook in March after a nine-year run with the company.

In Injunction Fight, Analytics Startup Gets Access to Public LinkedIn Data

By Ross Todd |

A federal judge has barred LinkedIn Corp. from blocking access to hiQ Labs, a data analytics startup that the professional networking site accused of unlawfully accessing public profiles.

Grant & Eisenhofer. Courtesy photo

Grant & Eisenhofer Suit Alleges Former Lawyer Stole Lucrative Whistleblower Case

By Scott Flaherty |

Grant & Eisenhofer has sued a former whistleblower client and two other law firms, alleging the whistleblower and her current lawyers conspired to strip Grant & Eisenhofer of its fee on a $280 million settlement.

Century City..Photo by Jason Doiy.11-21-05.039-2005.

Milbank Lands Latham Partner in Los Angeles

By Rebecca Cohen |

Latham & Watkins corporate partner Casey Fleck, who joined the firm in 2012 from Skadden, has left for Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy’s office in Century City, California.

Munger Tolles & Olson to Defend Studios in MOVA Technology Lawsuit

By Todd Cunningham |

Los Angeles-based Munger, Tolles & Olson has been hired to represent the Hollywood studios and film companies behind a handful of box office blockbusters in several copyright infringement suits brought over their use of the MOVA Contour special effects system.

Judge Gary Kreep.

San Diego Judge Severely Censured by Judicial Commission

By Cheryl Miller |

California's Commission on Judicial Performance concluded Superior Court Judge Gary Kreep committed 57 acts of misconduct or improper action. The commission handed down the most severe punishment short of removal from the bench on Thursday.

Modern web network and internet telecommunication technology, big data storage and cloud computing computer service business concept: 3D render of the server room interior in datacenter in blue light

SF Judge Hands Google Another Loss on Foreign-Stored Data

By Ben Hancock |

U.S. District Judge Richard Seeborg affirmed an earlier ruling directing the search giant to comply with a search warrant for emails stored overseas.

SoFi Website

SoFi Sued for Alleged Sexual Harassment, Improperly Handling Loans

By Stephanie Forshee |

The lawyer representing the plaintiff slammed the online lending company's culture, calling it the "Uber of fintech."

Spokeo website.

9th Circuit Has Another Go at 'Spokeo'—and Still Finds Standing

By Amanda Bronstad |

The plaintiffs bar snatched a victory Tuesday in a case that defense lawyers heralded as a win after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2016.

Uber Settles FTC Data Security Claims

By C. Ryan Barber |

Uber agreed Tuesday to submit to regular audits of its privacy protocols to resolve Federal Trade Commission allegations that the ride-hailing platform failed to properly safeguard sensitive data and misrepresented its monitoring of employee access to consumers' personal information.

Left to right: Randy Evans and Shari Klevens, Dentons partners

Banning Personal Relationships Between Attorneys and Clients

By Randy Evans and Shari Klevens |

Earlier this year, the State Bar of California approved an ethics rule prohibiting sexual relations between attorneys and clients. The new rule, which carves out limited exceptions, awaits a final determination by the California Supreme Court.

In Virtual Merger, FisherBroyles Adds More Work-From-Home IP Lawyers

By Roy Strom |

Charles Yang’s three-lawyer, cloud-based Ntellect Law found a fitting home this month when it merged with FisherBroyles, a pioneering firm that claims to be the largest in a growing crowd of virtual or cloud-based law firms.

Lawyers and Grads Plea: Lower the Bar Exam 'Cut' Score

By Cheryl Miller |

Lawyers and law school graduates pleaded with California state bar officials on Monday to support adoption of a lower passing score on the bar exam.

California State Attorney General Xavier Becerra and San Francisco City attorney Dennis Herrera announce the filing of a joint lawsuit against funding restrictions proposed by the Trump administration

Herrera, Becerra Team Up to Fight Federal Funding Cuts Aimed at Sanctuary Cities

By Ross Todd |

The two men held a joint press conference at San Francisco Monday to announce a pair of federal lawsuits challenging special conditions the U.S. Department of Justice placed on a federal grant program.

Judge Richard Tallman, United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit

With Another Ninth Circuit Opening, Trump's Influence on the Court to Grow

By Ross Todd |

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit announced Tuesday that Judge Richard Tallman will take senior status in March 2018.

Elaine Howle, California State Auditor

SF Judge Quizzes State Auditor in CJP Records Fight

By Cheryl Miller |

Superior Court Judge Suzanne Bolanos asks lawyers representing state Auditor Elaine Howle why she needs to see confidential documents maintained by the Commission on Judicial Performance.

John Derrick of the California Appellate Law Group.

It’s Official: Specious Cases May Have Merit

By John Derrick |

Review a discussion on 'Parrish, et. al. v. Latham & Watkins'. California law allows a case to be objectively specious, but nonetheless to have some merit. Hmmm.

Plaintiff Firms Hit Marijuana Businesses With Prop. 65 Violation Letters

By Cheryl Miller |

Hundreds of marijuana-related businesses in California have been hit with product labeling violations since January, putting them at risk of costly litigation.

Julie Q. Brush, Solutus Legal Search .

What to Do When a Second Choice Offer Comes Through First

By Julie Q. Brush |

In an opportunity-rich environment, candidates who are actively seeking greener pastures are typically confronted with this predicament—because rarely do two horses cross the finish line at exactly the same time. Sometimes it's a situation that can be managed to a comfortable conclusion.

Instamotor website.

Craigslist Gets $31M Judgment Against Car-Selling Website

By Ross Todd |

Craigslist Inc. on Thursday secured a $31 million stipulated judgment against a car-selling website that was scraping auto listings on to reach out to posters to create listings on its own commercial site.

Uber Hits Road Block in 'Privilege' Defense Over Google Car Files

By Scott Graham |

U.S. Magistrate Judge Jacqueline Scott Corley has thrown a wrench into the company's plan to tell jurors that Anthony Levandowski may have had an innocent reason for downloading Google's data.

Ninth Circuit Routes Apple Store Worker Suit Over Security Screening Pay to State Supreme Court

By Ross Todd |

The Ninth Circuit asked the California Supreme Court to weigh in on whether state law requires Apple Inc. to pay workers at its retail stores for time spent waiting for security checks at the end of work shifts.

Jefferson Starship, from left in rear, Pete Sears, Paul Kantner, Grace Slick and John Barbata; front from left, David Freiberg, Marty Balin and Craig Chaquico.

Jefferson Starship Founder's Breach Suit Cleared for Takeoff

By Todd Cunningham |

Craig Chaquico, a founding member of Jefferson Starship and the only musician to perform on all 10 of their albums, on Aug. 11 won a decision from U.S. Magistrate Judge Maria-Elena James in San Francisco greenlighting what his lawyer termed his "core" claims over use of the legendary band name.

Eric Whitaker, 10x Genomics Inc. general counsel

Genome Sequencing Equipment Company Hires Eric Whitaker as GC

By David Ruiz |

Genome sequencing equipment company 10x Genomics Inc. has hired Eric Whitaker as general counsel.

DNA Denial a Win for Lone Heir in Squabble Over Inheritance From Mexican Singer

By Todd Cunningham |

The survivors of the wildly successful Mexican singer Juan Gabriel scored a court victory when a petition seeking a DNA sample from the late singer's body was denied in a case that has been making lurid headlines in Spanish-language media and has already spawned a defamation suit.

DNA Denial a Win for Lone Heir in Squabble Over Inheritance From Mexican Singer

By Todd Cunningham |

The survivors of the wildly successful Mexican singer Juan Gabriel scored a court victory when a petition seeking a DNA sample from the late singer's body was denied in a case that has been making lurid headlines in Spanish-language media and has already spawned a defamation suit.

Was Uber's Deal With Otto Out of the Ordinary?

By Jennifer Williams-Alvarez |

Recently released court documents reveal there were certainly quirks worth noting in the deal inked by Uber and Otto.

CrowdJustice website.

DreamHost Launches Funding Campaign for Legal Fight Against DOJ

By Ben Hancock |

The web service provider says it doesn't need the money, but wants to create an outlet for internet users alarmed by a government request for data about visitors to an anti-Trump protest site.

State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson

Proposed California Bill Will Explicitly Protect Women Investors From Predatory VCs

By David Ruiz |

A California State Senator wants to codify specific protections for female entrepreneurs who face sexual harassment from investors and venture capitalists.

NFL's Cold Shoulder to Kaepernick May Leave League Out in the Cold, Legally

By Todd Cunningham |

Against a backdrop of political polarization the case of Colin Kaepernick, the ex-San Francisco 49ers quarterback who is unsigned by any NFL team, and who sat out the pregame national anthem in protest, may be a test, or a black eye, for the NFL.

Rajesh De.

Former Top NSA Lawyer Talks Spying, Leaks and Cybersecurity in the Age of Trump


When Rajesh De was first approached about joining the National Security Agency as its general counsel, advisers warned him he might be the last person standing between a free democracy and an Orwellian surveillance program. The reality wasn’t quite so dramatic, says De, who also served in the Obama White House and is now a partner at Mayer Brown. But during his tenure, what was long known as “No Such Agency” was forced to confront just how secret it really needed to be after the leaks by Edward Snowden.