Marty Africa, 71, Pushed for a More Inclusive Profession

The legal recruiter was a force in getting firms to pay attention to diversity, and women partners to focus on business development.

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    By Patience Haggin

    The cybersecurity attorney discusses California's new data breach law and the president's push for similar federal rules.

  • GoPro's Sharon Zezima

    The GC explains why life at the adventure camera company means "hauling ass" and "making friends."

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Talking About The Internet's Own Boy

The Recorder
The 2014 documentary "The Internet's Own Boy" follows the story of Aaron Swartz, political activist and internet pioneer. Swartz helped build multiple organizations around open and public access and he helped form strong opposition to the Stop Online Piracy Act bill introduced in 2011. But after downloading millions of files from an online publisher, Swartz faced off against federal prosecutors and, not able to cope with the disruption on his life, committed suicide. The Recorder sat down with Swartz' defense attorney, Elliot Peters of Keker & Van Nest, to discuss a Jan. 21 event that the firm will host with the documentary's filmmaker.
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Planning Guides for 2015

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